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If you work with a homeowners association or manage properties in some capacity, it’s important not to cut corners when hiring a company for attic services.

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Why is Concrete Curing & Finishing Important?

Removing mold and mildew stains from concrete is an annual event required by many HOAs and part of standard residential building maintenance. Hnh Concrete Cleaning has long been a leader in builder care assistance. Providing powerwash cleaning services along with customised cleaning solutions designed to help power through that black build-up and maintain an extended clean appearance.

For most building owners, Hnh Concrete Cleaning can get the job done faster than it would take to research, and secure the appropriate equipment and chemicals, and can work with you to make this a routine event. Set up your pre-existing service and Hnh Concrete Cleaning will make sure your property is routinely cared for, just another automated system.

Why should I pressure wash?

Here in New Jersey, the most obvious reason to get your home power washed is aesthetics. Your home is designed to shoulder all the wear and tear of the elements, from the pollution of cars driving by to the acidic rains, to sun, wind, dirt, and more. Your house’s exterior is the first line of defence, but this means that it also receives the most buildup of dirt, mould, grime, and other nasty bacteria that damage and discolour your home, and with such heavy rains, buildup can get bad quickly.

What was once a nice white finish on your home can now look green and washed out, but only because layers of dirt and grime hide the original coating. A power wash is the quickest and most cost-efficient way to remove most of the built-up grime. Your walkways and driveway can also have thick layers of grime and dirt built up. Even one professional power wash should instantly improve the curb appeal of your home, brightening up walkways and bringing colour back to your home.


In the same way that a home improvement requires treating many different areas, so should roof cleaning services. Clutter is a common sight for homeowners but in addition to leaves and debris, there might be something even worse lurking underneath. Organics are designed to hold onto moisture, which means dampness. A thick layer of roof clutter creates a damp, dark, covered area for moss to take hold and spread.

Instead of wasting gallons of water and causing unnecessary damage with heavy-duty tools like a wire brush or pressure washer, call a professional instead. Hnh Services is comfortable handling heights and loves to help beautify our community by cleaning clutter and eliminating moss growth. Our removal specialists know all the tips and tricks of the trade to keep residential, strata and residential roofing looking its best.

Is Chimney Cleaning necessary?

Cleaning a Chimney is necessary to remove soot, blockages and creosote buildup from your chimney. If not Cleaned soot and creosote buildup inside of a chimney flue reduce the draw of the fireplace and create the potential for a chimney fire. Creosote is highly flammable and is a byproduct of burning wood. The rate at which creosote builds inside of your chimney flue depends on wood selection, burning practices and the overall condition of your chimney system.

Ask A Sweep Tip: Density and water content make some types of firewood are better for burning than others. The denser and drier (aged/seasoned) the firewood is, the better it will burn and the more heat it can produce. Green or unseasoned wood will burn quickly and produce more creosote buildup.

our core services

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing has always been our base. We are experts in this field and have the know-how to deliver exceptional results on every project no matter how big or small it is!

Concrete Cleaning

Unsealed concrete might look tough, but it is actually a very porous material making it prone to staining from oils, grease, grime, chewing gum, chemical spills, tyre marks and mould.

Roof Cleaning

Roofs protect homes and their contents from the elements but it is easy to forget about proper maintenance for this area. While roof shingles often sit out of sight, even a bit of neglect can lead to moss and algae spreading across surfaces.

Chimney Cleaning

When it comes to chimney repair and chimney rebuilds, we have decades of experience and can address any masonry issues that arise.


*Only Service fee for Inspection

Get your $49 Inspection Today

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*Only Service fee for Inspection

Get your $49 Inspection Today

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